Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nickelodeon Animation Studio · Burbank, CA

Supervising Producer




Monsters Vs Aliens

Nickelodeon Animation Studio · Burbank, CA

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor



Fanboy and ChumChum

Nickelodeon Animation Studio · Burbank, CA

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor



The Penguins of Madagascar

Nickelodeon Animation Studio · Burbank, CA

Lighting and Compositing Lead


The Universe

The History Channel · Flight 33 Productions

3D Generalist and VFX Artist

2007 - 2008



Sony Bravia Commercial

Gorgeous Pictures · London, UK · New York, NY

 Stop Motion Animator 

July 2007




National Geographic Channel · Mechanism Digital 

Assistant Producer


Engineering an Empire

The History Channel · Mechanism Digital

Assistant Producer